Tapioca, formerly a Moff, was the arch-rival of Moff Alcazar, and formerly the governor of the politically unstable Theodors sector, in the Outer Rim Territories.

First assuming power after the Declaration of a new Order in 19 BBY, he was ousted shortly after by Alcazar, but he was able to win back power from Alcazar 4 years later with aid from the Kûrvi-Tasch regime in Bordurian sector. After the Seswenna sector incident, Tapioca had once again been replaced by Alcazar, with help from illegally smuggled spacecraft provided by Dawson, but would still regain power later on. In 12 BBY, Moff Tapioca was toppled for the final time by Alcazar's rebel group, the Picaros, and exiled to Bordurian sector. His fate after that is unknown.