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Star Tours was, at one point, the largest interstellar travel agency in the Galaxy. It was headquartered on Coruscant, and it served all regions of the galaxy except the Unknown Regions.

History Edit

Star Tours was founded in 200 BBY, as a counterbalance to the the also very popular Galaxy Tours agency, which had been operating from Coruscant thirty years prior.

In 99 BBY, during the turn of the century, Star Tours began expanding it's buisiness. In 49 BBY, the prosperous era known as the "Roarin' '40s" began and Star Tours greatly expanded it's flights, destinations, and crew members, and more and more customers began traveling with this previously unheard of starline. Under permission from the Republic government, it set spaceports in the Hutt-controlled Outer Rim and Chiss Space. It temporarily minimized operations during the Clone Wars, but after the capture of several Seperatist-held planets, business began as high as before, only it became heavily influenced by the new Galactic Empire. However

In 0 BBY, shortly before the Battle of Kattada, Alderannian Captain Raymus Antilles, assisted in the bi-centennial anniversary of Star Tours by assigning his two droids, R2-D2 and C-3PO, to help launch their new spaceport, in the Earth System. During a mixup with the pilot Ace and C-3PO, the latter got stuck in Flight 1401's Starspeeder 1000's cockpit and was forced to try to pilot the ship. Prior to its departure, and Imperial force led by Darth Vader discovered a presence of a Rebel Spy onboard the ship and attempted to stop it, but the ship escaped the TIE fighters and fled into hyperspace. Due to a malfunction because of a hit by a TIE fighter, it came out of hyperspace over Orto Plutonia to find a Imperial attack on the rebel outpost on the planet. Against orders, it flew with a squadron to attack an AT-AT and destroyed it with its tow cable. But it was then hit by a blast from another AT-AT and slid on an icy hill and flew back into space. In hyperspace, it received a message from the rebel Mon Calamari Captain Ackbar stating they must get the spy to safety, as it was holding valuable information. It emerged out of hyperspace into the Geonosis asteroid belt, where it was chased by Boba Fett in Slave I, who was working for the Empire. The ship escaped but then it encountered the incomplete first Death Star while pursued by Vader and Black Squadron. The ship escaped again by flying right through the unfinished Death Star, but it was met again by Boba, who shot a seismic charge at the ship. The starspeeder shot it back, evading him and then headed into hyperspace. It came out of hyperspace to meet up with the Rebel fleet preparing for the Battle of Toprawa and landed in the Home One's hangar bay, with rebel troops and pilots cheering them on.

Almost immediately following the Battle of Yavin, Star Tours' space cruiser Tzarina, was involved in a tragic accident that cost most of its passengers their lives. For unknown reasons the ship's droid captain decided to change course towards Yavin to show his passengers "something neat". Once there, the yacht collided with an unidentified TIE fighter variant that was tumbling out of control through space. The collision caused the Tzarina's hyperdrive to initiate and throw the ship into hyperspace. When it fell out of hyperspace half a galaxy away it crash landed on Dathomir in the Quelii Sector. Only one passenger was known to survive the crash and find his way to the Dathomir Trade Outpost, where he told others his story.

In 5 ABY, Star Tours sought to capitalize on the Moddell Sector's sudden fame by promising "convenient daily departures to the exotic moon of Endor" along the decaying Sanctuary Pipeline. During this time, C-3PO and R2-D2 again briefly worked for the agency. One pilot for this flight, RX-24, failed to actually make it to the Endor moon and instead sped quickly out of the system and into a battle between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant along with the third Death Star.