Reliant class light frigate
Reliant class light frigate
Production information

Utopia Planitia Naval Shipyards

Technical specifications

237 meters


141 meters


58 meters

  • 252 (Original configuration)
  • 346 (Refit type one)
  • 360 (Refit type two)
Life support


Communication systems


  • Support ship
  • Patrol ship
Year introduced

32 BBY


18 BBY

  • Rise of the Empire Era
  • Galactic Republic
  • Galactic Empire

The Reliant class was a type of Light frigate introduced by the Republic Navy during the Invasion of Naboo.

History Edit

The Reliant class was introduced by the Galactic Republic in 32 BBY, and several were part of a Republic relief fleet sent to Naboo during immediate aftermath of the Invasion of Naboo.

In 19 BBY, three weeks out of starbase, the Reliant class starship Bozeman encountered a temporal distortion where it remained trapped until the year 3 ABY. There, in an area of space known as the Typhon Expanse, the Bozeman encountered the Enterprise, with which it collided, causing the Enterprise to explode. The explosion, being in such close proximity to the temporal distortion, ruptured the spacetime continuum, trapping both vessels in a temporal causality loop, wherein the Bozeman continually encountered the Enterprise, and the latter ship was destroyed. Eventually, the crew of the Enterprise was able to realize what was happening and avoid the collision, freeing both vessels from the loop.

The class was retired by the Empire in 18 BBY, although it was continued to be used by rebel movements, pirates, and civilians.

Technical Data Edit

Reliant class pre-refit

The Reliant class before it's first refit

The Reliant class was composed of a saucer that was similar to that of the Class I frigate, the same single hull configuration standard to all Utopia Planitia Naval Shipyards' starships. However, the bridge module, positioned on top in the center, was shaped slightly differently than the Class I module. Mounted on the underside of the primary hull were two nacelle pylons connected to the propulsion nacelles. The aft section featured an enlarged tail section that protruded out behind the ship, surrounded on either side by its dual shuttlebays. Above either nacelle were mounted outboard sensor pods.
Reliant class first refit

The Reliant class's first refit

Design features of the primary hull included a docking port located on the forward section of the ship. After the first configuration, which utilized Daedalus type Hyperdrive Nacelles and an antiquated sensor dish, two refits were to follow, both utilizing standard Doere type Hyperdrive Nacelles. The first refit was the most common of all, but the second refit utilized large Type 19 heavy turbolaser batteries, and by 22 BBY all ships of the first configuration had been phased out and refitted.

Reliant class second refit

The Reliant class's second refit

Standard to all designs were six dual turbolaser banks located on the primary hull – three mounted to the top and three mounted on the bottom of the saucer. On both refits of the class, the ship's sensor pods and later the primary rollbar were modified to contain two tubular turbolaser batteries on each side that could fire both forward and to the ship's flanks. There were also two forward and two aft photon torpedo launchers housed in a pod mounted in the center of the superstructure rollbar. This class featured Class 5 defensive armaments.

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