Project Nutmeg, also known as Project 239 or the Nutmeg-239 Project, was the codename for a highly classified Republic, and later Imperial, scientific project being developed by Republic Intelligence's Scientific Branch during the Clone Wars, with the first research beginning in 22 BBY. It would later be undertaken by the Imperial Science Department  after the Declaration of a New Order and the formation of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, under which the project would besuccesfully completed 23 years after it began.

It's aim was to develop transporter technology, in order to transport, or "beam", from different locations with a transporter. As stated by Republic scientist Verilion Soran, the machine would take apart the atoms of the being or object being transported and reassemble them at the destination point. Only the highest officials in the Galactic Republic, such as Clone Marshal Commanders and Grand Admirals, were authorized to know about it: the Chancellor himself did not know much of the project until the formation of the empire.