Otkar Evoros was a male Human pilot during the last years of the Galactic Republic, formerly serving in the Judicial Forces and later as part of the clandestine organization known as the Republic Group, piloting the Aurore class freighter, the Noonday Sun. It was during this job that he met a female Antarian Ranger by the name of Male Dui, and they developed an emotional relationship, and by 20 BBY, they were married and had a son, Garlen.

After the Declaration of a New Order, the galaxy was ruled with absolute power by now-Emperor Palpatine. Initially, many people of the new Empire enthusiastically supported the vision outlined in the Declaration of a New Order, largely due to the violence that had plagued the galaxy for so long, but the Empire's policy became increasingly despotic in nature. Rebel movements were organized against the Empire's policies throughout the galaxy. Otkar Evoros became a leading member of the Unified Resistance, the first galaxy-wide, organized resistance force, against the Galactic Empire, but was killed on Delta Vega when he led the resistance against an Imperial attack, and was killed by Darth Vader.

Although he was killed, his son Garlen, who was only two years old at that time, would later come in the possesion of the Noonday Sun, and a member of the of the Rebel Alliance, reaching the rank of captain. Tru Dasda remarked to Garlen "Your father would have been proud".