Kep-She was a Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order during the final decades of the Republic. When a Corporate Alliance fleet under the command of Admiral Trench blockaded the planet Malastare in 34 BBY, Master Kep-She was first assigned to Malastare to "observe" the situation and later given command of a Jedi task force to break the blockade.

However, as soon as the fleet entered the vincinity of Malastare, they took heavy fire from the blockading fleet, particularly Trench's flagship, the Indomitable. The first hit took out the hyperdrive and reduced main power to 38%. The second torpedo disabled the Parkos' atmospheric stabilization and collapsed its shields. Kep-She immediately ordered evasive action and the firing of all weapons. Knowing that fighting against the onslaught would be futile, he ordered the evacuation of the ship, in order to ram the ship into the Corporate flagship. However, the Attempts to set the ship on autopilot failed, however, and the Jedi master was forced to remain on board to prevent the Indomitable from destroying the evacuation shuttles. Bidding farewell to his padawan, he set the ship on a collision course, destroying Trench's flagship.

His sacrifice destroyed the enemy ship and saved the lives of eight-hundred people. It also secured the Republic's victory. He would go down in history as a hero, especially on Malastare, where there were statues of him and his crew.