Dauntless type Hyperdrive Nacelle
Hyperdrive Nacelle
  • Utopia Planitia Naval Shipyards
  • K't'inga Starship Works
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A Hyperdrive Nacelle was an outboard engine housing structure on spacecraft, and were utilized by Utopia Planitia Naval Shipyards and K't'inga Starship Works in many of their designs. The nacelles in hyperdrive-capable shuttles and starships housed the hyperdrive units of the ship.

Aboard most warp-capable vessels, warp coils were fed by plasma conduits from the warp core reactor assembly. Venting the plasma from the nacelles made warp drive impossible until the nacelles could be replenished. Nacelles were separated from the ship by large pylons, and usually housed a Bussard ramscoop at the fore end, primarily used for collecting hydrogen from space.

On most nacelles produced by Utopia Planitia, the interior included a small control room, accessible in nominal conditions by a turbolift that permitted maintenance and monitoring of the system's operation. Daedalus type nacelles were required to be polarized for hyperdrive travel to be possible. If one of the nacelles were to become depolarized, hyperdrive would be impossible until repolarization could take place.

Most vessels typically had two nacelles, However, such vessels could operate with one nacelle disabled, but at reduced speeds. It was not unprecedented, though, for vessels to have had different nacelle configurations. For example, Saladin class, and the Kelvin class starships had only one nacelle. Cardan class starships had three nacelles, and Constellation and Prometheus class starships had four nacelles.