CC-1376, known to many as "Skyes", was a Human male clone trooper captain serving in the Grand Army of Republic's 282nd Star Corps, and later, as a clone marshal commander in the Galactic Empire's Stormtrooper Corps. He was not known as a very good commander, and was particularly disliked by CC-4897, the commander of the 282nd, who believed he was an inept, dim-witted officer, and he was viewed this way by many of his subordinates. During the Clone Wars, the troops under his command suffered heavy casualties and many defeats, including the disastrous Battle of Delta Vega.

Promoted to Commander after the desertion of CC-4897, he served with Darth Vader on the planet Delta Vega against the Unified Resistance, but his tactics caused disaster for the Imperials, and was executed by Darth Vader for insubordination.