Battle of Orto Plutonia
Battle of Orto Plutonia

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Orto Plutonia


Rebel Alliance victory


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The Battle of Orto Plutonia was an attempt by the Galactic Empire to destroy the Rebel Alliance outpost on the remote artic world of Orto Plutonia.


Through decoded Alliance messages, the Empire dicovered an Alliance outpost on the strategic, remote world Orto Plutonia. Not only was the planet rich in natural resources and a strategic base for many Alliance operations, it was orbited by the moon Pantora, one of the Alliance's strongest sympathizers. With the destruction of the Rebel base, the Empire figured it would crush the sympathy of the Pantorans. With this, the Imperial Army gave orders to take the planet.

The BattleEdit

During the battle, a Starspeeder 1000 piloted by the droids R2-D2 and C-3P0 and carrying a rebel spy onboard emerged out of hyperspace in the system and unwillingly entered the battle. The ship, against orders, followed rebel T-47 Airspeeders on an attack run on the attacking AT-ATs. With the assistance of Red Squadron, the Starspeeder destroyed the command AT-AT which housed the Imperial Ground Force commander, General Cassio Sal. Without their commander, the attacking Imperials were thrown into chaos and they were eventually beat back away from the rebel outpost.

The space battle fared no better for the Imperials. The majority of the Imperial Task Force, commanded by Moff Shoan Kilian, was destroyed or disabled by Rebel Anti-Orbital Ion Cannons. Even though Kilian was able to escape with two of his ships, this decision stranded the remainder of the ground force on the planet, forcing them to surrender. The battle became a descisive, yet costly victory for the Alliance.