Battle of Delta Vega Clone Wars

Clone Wars


20 BBY


Delta Vega


Separatist victory


Galactic Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems

  • Jedi Master Camil Fon
  • Clone Captain CC-1376 "Skyes
  • OOM-357-51
  • Commander Bolle Dorvin

The Battle of Delta Vega was a battle of the Clone Wars on the mineral-rich, ice planet of Delta Vega. The battle tuned out to be a humiliating defeat for the Republic, which culminated as a result of poor planning by CC-1376 and excellent tacticts by the Confederacy's OOM-357-51.

The Battle Edit

Delta Vega was home to an important mineral proccessing station codenamed Cracking Station Delta, guarded by a small Republic outpost known as Outpost Hunter. As the mostly automated facility was unequipped to repel an invasion of that size and magnitude, reinforcements were called for reinforcements, which arrived in the form of the 282nd Star Corps, led by Jedi master Camil Fon and CC-1376 "Skyes". Upon landing, he helped prepare the base for the defense, although he was called back to Coruscant, leaving CC-1376 in command. An inbound convoy of Republic Troop Transports full of clone troopers from the planet's garrison became Skyes's next priority. He did not take place in the fighting and kept most of their senior staff with him, depleting the number of troops actively fighting drastically. When Separatist fighter and mortar tanks reached within a kilometer of the command center, Skyes panicked and ordered full retreat.

After a grueling battle against overpowering forces that only continued to grow larger as more CIS landing craft touched down, the transports managed to flee the planet following shortly as Outpost Hunter was overwhelmed and subsequently captured.

Aftermath Edit

After the battle, CC-4897, who had not been with the Republic forces due to his ARC training, left the program and returned to command the 282nd Star Corps, and CC-1376 would not command the 282nd until the end of the war. The Separatists would later build a droid foundry on the planet, which would be abandoned after the end of the war and later utilized by the Unified Resistance, a resistance movement against the Galactic Empire, the Republic's succesor.