Bantu Wind

The Bantu Wind.

The Bantu Wind was a CR90 corvette used for smuggling, captained by Simon Katanga. In 19 BBY, Katanga agreed to transport Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood — along with their cargo, the Ark of the Covenant, from the docks in Cairo, Egypt across the Mediterranean, in a deal set up by Sallah.

As a freight vessel used for piracy, the Bantu Wind did not have much passenger amenities, though curiously it boasted a full wardrobe of women's clothing, including a white nightgown that Marion Ravenwood put on. The ship was overtaken by the Imperial Star Destroyer, the Wurrfler, and boarded by René Belloq and his Imperial companions, however, and despite Katanga's efforts to intercede, Ravenwood and the Ark were taken, and Jones left the ship on a shuttlecraft for the Star Destroyer.